Mountain Telephone

Mountain Telephone is located in West Liberty, Kentucky. We provide telecommunications services to the people of Elliott, Menifee, Morgan, and Wolfe Counties as well as a small portion of Bath County. Mountain Telephone has been the sole provider for over 50 years. We have approximately 13,500 cooperative members and nearly 17,000 access lines. We have 72 employees who live within the 4 counties. Mountain Telephone generously donates to a number of school, athletic, and community events. We also support and promote economic development in all of our service area.

Mountain Telephone Services

  • Standard Telephone Service which includes: a number of call features, voice mail, business phone systems, etc.
  • Dial-Up and DSL High Speed Internet service to all of our service area.
  • We are part owner and a dealer for Appalachian Wireless cell phones.
  • We offer Mountain Telephone Long Distance.
  • At present time, working to provide video/cable service.

Contact Information

Mountain Telephone
405 Main Street
West Liberty, KY 41472


P.O. Box 399
West Liberty, KY 41472

Office Phone: (606) 743-3121
Fax: (606) 743-3635

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.